Cold Lunch “Choose your own” Combo’s

Our sandwiches are loaded with fresh veggies and a fine selection of cold cuts, egg salad, chicken salad and tuna. (Vegetarian and GF must be requested if needed)

Whole Sandwiches/Wraps $6.25 ea., ½ Sandwiches $3.50 ea.

We Include: Paper plates, plastic cutlery and napkins ONLY on request


Lunch #1

Assorted sandwiches (1 p/p)
(On assorted breads and wraps)
Choice of: Soup (8oz) portion p/p


Soup Choice’s  GF denotes Gluten free; DF denotes Dairy free, V denotes vegetarian

Beef Barley DF Tomato-Basil Parmesan Bisque GF V
Zesty Corn Chowder V Home-style Vegetable GF DF V
Carrot and Ginger V Cream of Mushroom V
Creamy Potato-Dill V Chunky Chicken Pasta DF
Cream of Broccoli V  
Minestrone DF  

With No additional  side:  $9.45 p/p          Choose: One additional side $11.45 p/p


Lunch #2

Assorted Sandwiches (1 p/p)
(On assorted breads and wraps)
Choose: One side
$9.45 p/p


Lunch #3

Assorted Sandwiches (1 p/p)
(On assorted breads and Wraps)
Choose: Two sides
$11.45 p/p


Make any Sandwich combo a “Build your own” for an additional $2.50 p/p

Side Selections for Cold combo’s                 ADD EXTRA SIDE : $2.50 p/p

Vegetable tray/dip  Caesar Salad Tortilla Chips and salsa
House salad Broccoli salad Dessert Squares
Classic Potato salad Cheese/crackers  Cookies
Rotini Pasta salad Pickle, Peppers Platter Fruit tray


Hot Lunch “Choose your own” Combo’s


Lunch #4

Choose ONE Hot Entrée (from the list below)
Choose: Two Sides

$12.95 p/p



Lunch #5

Choose ONE Hot Entrée (from the list below)
Choose: Three Sides

$14.95 p/p


Hot Entree Selections

Sesame-Ginger chicken Breasts (6 oz) Stuffed bell peppers w/ beef
Southern Baked Chicken (thigh/leg) Chili con carne
Chicken breast w/ dill-caper sauce (6 oz) Swedish Beef Meatballs w/ mushroom sauce (4 p/p)
Bacon wrapped Chicken (6 oz) Roast Beef in gravy (3 slice ea.)
Coconut-curry chicken Breasts (6 oz) Baked Ham w/ pineapple glaze
BBQ Chicken (thigh/leg) Italian Sausage w/ peppers
Chicken Parmigiana (6 oz)  

Additional Meat Entree $4.95 p/p


Side Selections for Hot combo’s

Rice Pilaf Broccoli salad House Salad
Potatoes Au Gratin Greek Salad Classic Potato Salad
Caesar Salad Roasted Potatoes Fruit Tray
Creamy Pasta Salad Peas +Carrots Dessert Squares
Basmati Rice Spinach Salad Cookies
Roasted Vegetables Mashed Red Potatoes Cheesecake Bites

Additional Starch or Vegetable Side item           $2.95 p/p


Suggested Additions:

Buns/butter $0.40 p/p
Bottled Water $1.75 p/p
Canned Pop or Juice  $1.75 p/p
Whole Pie (feeds 8-10)
(Apple, cherry, Strawberry-rhubarb, blueberry, pumpkin)
$14.00 ea


Dietary Alternatives

**Special dietary meals will be packaged separately and placed on the side.**

Vegetarian Options

Cajun Rice and Beans


Vegetarian Chili

Falafel on bed of Rice

Baked Veg Rotini

Vegetarian sandwich

Gluten-Free Options        

Tossed Salad w/chicken breast

GF Baked Pasta

BBQ Chicken

 Herb Roasted Chicken                             

GF sandwich                                             

** Vegetarian or GF options can be substituted in place of the meat or side item in our hot lunch combos  at no additional charge, for up to 5 individuals, for over 5 people there will  

 be an additional charge of $1.00 p/p**

** If adding a Vegetarian or GF option on top of the meal the charge is $5.95 each**

** Many of our main lunch options can be made Gluten Free OR Dairy free if needed, please ask when ordering**

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