All meals from this menu will be individually packaged for your safety. (Gluten free available)

Breakfast pack

Fresh wrapped Muffins
Yogurt Cups
Juice box

$8.00 p/p

Cold Lunch Pack #1

Fresh individual sandwiches Carrots and Hummus

$11.00 p/p

Cold Lunch Pack #2

Fresh individual sandwiches
Potato salad
Dessert Square

$11.75 p/p

Hot Individual meals

#1) Beef OR Vegetarian Lasagna $9.00 p/p

#2) Tortellini Rose’ Florentine $9.00p/p

#3) Beef OR Vegetarian Chili $7.00 p/p
(10 oz)

#4) Beef OR vegetarian Enchiladas $9.00 p/p
(with side salsa and sour cream)

#5) Sesame Ginger chicken and Veggies
Rice Pilaf $12.00 p/p

Make any of our regular menu items individual for $1.00 p/p


Bottled Water $1.75
Juice Box $1.25
Banana $1.25
Cookie $1.75
Dessert Squares $1.85

Chicken Caesar SaladSide: $5.95Lunch size: $9.00
Cobb SaladSide: $4.95Lunch size: $7.95
House saladSide: $4.95Lunch size: $6.95
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