Individual Hot Lunches   


Sesame Ginger Chicken

6 oz Boneless chicken breast, glazed with a honey ginger sauce, Rice pilaf, Roasted vegetables and a side house salad.  (Can request Gluten free)     $15.00 p/p

BBQ Chicken

Barbequed 6 oz Boneless chicken breast, brushed with zesty BBQ sauce, Mashed potatoes, Corn and peppers, and a side house salad.  (Can request Gluten free)     $15.00 p/p

Roast Beef au jus  (min order of 8)

Thinly sliced Roast beef in au jus, Garlic herb roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a side house salad. $16.00 p/p

Pulled Pork    (min order of 8)

Southern style pulled pork, tossed in a light Carolina sauce (Bun on Side), Cajun potato wedges, and a side of coleslaw. (Mustard, pickled onion on side)    $15.00 p/p

Beef Enchilada

Mexicali seasoned ground beef, rice, peppers and onion wrapped in a tortilla and baked with enchilada sauce and cheddar, and a side house salad.    $14.00 p/p

Indian Butter Chicken

Tender diced chicken in a flavorful butter chicken sauce, basmati rice and peas, Naan bread and a light curry vegetable salad.   $15.00 p/p

Swedish Beef Meatballs

Homemade tender all-beef meatballs in a creamy rich mushroom sauce, Mashed potatoes, Glazed carrots with baby peas and a side Broccoli salad.  $15.00 p/p

Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken

Roasted Chicken stuffed with a Greek bread stuffing topped with a garnish of diced tomatoes, olives, and feta, includes lemon Rice, Seasonal vegetables, and a house salad.  $15.00 p/p

Ukrainian Meal

Cheddar Perogies, sliced kielbasa and cabbage rolls filled with rice and onions, smothered in a rich tomato sauce, includes a side of cucumber tomato salad. $15.00

Classic Lasagna

Tender lasagna noodles layered with lean ground beef meat sauce and mozza cheese and a side Caesar salad. $13.50 p/p    (Can request as Vegetarian)    

Chicken Chardonnay Pasta

Fusilli pasta noodles tossed with grilled chicken strips in a white wine caper sauce, cherry tomato garnish, and a side Caesar salad. (Can request Gluten free)     $13.50 p/p

Baked Tortellini and Italian Sausage

Cheese filled tortellini tossed in a marinara sauce with Italian sausage, zucchini, onions, and peppers. Includes a side Caesar Salad. (Can request as Vegetarian)     $13.50 p/p

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