Funeral Catering

(Please give 48hr Notice)
*All orders include disposable plates/cutlery and napkins* 

*Our Funeral Reception sandwiches come in a variety of fresh breads and wraps. We include assorted cold cuts, tuna and egg accompanied by an array of fresh vegetables and cheese. All sandwiches and wraps are cut into triangles and wedges. (3 per person)

*The following receptions are only accommodated for funerals*

Memorial Reception #1
Assorted Sandwiches
Vegetable Tray w/dip OR Fruit Tray


$6.50 p/p

Memorial Reception #2
Assorted Sandwiches
Veg Tray w/dip OR Fruit Tray

Dessert Squares


$7.50 p/p

Memorial Reception #3
Assorted Sandwiches
Choice of : Salad selection
Dessert Squares/cookies


$8.50 p/p

Dessert Squares  $1.85 p/p

Cookies  $1.75 p/p

Veg Tray   $2.50 p/p

Fruit Tray/Cheese Cubes   $3.50 p/p


Additions **coffee and Tea include, cups, cream, sugar, stir sticks**
Tea (Assorted)
Canned Juice
Canned Pop
Bottled Water
$1.50 cup
$1.50 cup

** Pick up of trays, and baskets must be pre-arranged with our office and your reception venue. Please notify our office of a contact name and number at your venue to retrieve catering items after the service**

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