Coffee Break/Extras

Canned Pop/Juice $1.75 Coffee (8oz cup) $1.50
Bottled Water 355ml $1.75 Asst. Teas $1.50

Fresh Assorted Muffins      $1.75 p/p   (min 10 people)
Deluxe Pastries (may include: Banana bread, danish, muffin, strudel, cinn. buns, bagels) $2.75 p/p
Cookies $1.75 ea.   (min 10 people)
Assorted Dessert Squares $1.85 p/p (min 10 people)

Vegetable Tray/dip       $2.50 p/p    (min 10 people)
Seasonal Fruit Tray      $3.25 p/p     (min 10 people)
Assorted Fruit and Cheese      $3.50 p/p    (min 10 people)
Domestic Cheese and crackers      $3.25 p/p    (min 10 people)

Whole Fruit (Apples OR Oranges OR Bananas) $1.00 each

Choice of Soup          $3.50 p/p   (min 10 people)

Beef Barley Cream of Broccoli  Cream of Mushroom
Homestyle Vegetable Zesty Corn Chowder Carrot and Ginger
Chunky Chicken Pasta Minestrone Tomato-Basil Parmesan Bisque
Creamy Potato-Dill


Chili Con Carne       $6.95 p/p   (min 10 people)
Served with a fresh bun
Choose: Beef or Vegetarian


Choice of Salad        $2.50 p/p   (min 10 people)

Creamy Caesar Tossed Greens Creamy Rotini Pasta Salad
Zesty Greek Dilled Cucumber Traditional Coleslaw
Classic Potato Spinach Salad Indian Chickpea Salad
Marinated Vegetable Salad Catalina Pasta Salad Broccoli Salad

Asian Noodle

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